Applied Big Data Analytics starts Monday, August 7th
CyberSecurity Immersive Program
What your security scientists can learn from your data scientists to improve cybersecurity
Michael Schlebel in Tech Crunch, "Security remains one of the top unresolved challenges for businesses. Billions of dollars have been spent on security technology over the last 30 years, yet hackers seem to be more successful than ever. Every organization is now under extreme threat, all the time."
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From Forbes, "Cybersecurity is an in-demand field. Growing cyber attacks, demand for safe and secure data, and other concerns mean that companies need professionals to keep their information safe."
Information Management, "Big data analytics, machine learning and predictive analytics is supposed to be the panacea that will allow businesses and organizations to solve all their problems. The promise is that given access to large swath of data, individuals in an organization can use new and interesting ways to solve complex problems."
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